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Cybercrime is on the rise and recent reports show an increase in law firms and clients being targeted by scammers, particularly in relation to conveyancing and probate fraud.

At Pinkney Grunwells, we are committed to protecting both you and our business from becoming victims of fraud. We are satisfied that our procedures are as robust as they can be and are placing increased focus on warning clients about the risk of cybercrime and ensuring staff are fully trained to identify the potential warning signs.

We will never:

  • Notify you of our bank details, or a change to our bank details, by email. If you receive an email of this nature, do not make payment to the account stated and please immediately contact by phone, on the number you regularly use, the person dealing with your case
  • Ask you to confirm your bank details by email. We will speak to you personally or ask you to confirm any details by post

We will:

  • Confirm your identity. We will always ask to see a bank statement that relates to the account you would like any monies to be paid into and we will always speak to you in person to confirm instructions to transfer money
  • Make sure you are able to deal with the same team throughout your case to make it easier to confirm details and give you reassurance that you can speak directly to the person handling your transaction

For more information and general tips on how to stay safe online, follow the links below or speak to the solicitor dealing with your case.