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In the event that you are in a relationship you may wish to regulate your finances to ensure your assets are protected. This may be for a variety of reasons such as safeguarding assets for the benefit of children from a previous relationship or simply wishing to alleviate the risk of dispute in the event of future separation.

We are able to offer advice and assistance in the preparation of a cohabitation or a pre and post nuptial agreement. This is a formal written agreement between yourself and your partner dealing with ownership and disposal of property during your relationship or during your marriage and usually making provision in the event of a divorce or separation for how such property is to be divided and how each will provide financial support for the other and/or their children.

A post-nuptial agreement is likely to be rigorously enforced which provides a powerful reason to reaffirm the terms of any pre-nuptial agreement made before marriage in the form of a post-nuptial agreement entered into after marriage. If a cohabitation agreement or pre/post-nuptial agreement is required we are able to offer a fixed fee starting from £450 plus VAT. Please contact the Family Department who will take sufficient details to enable us to assess the level of fixed fee which will be payable in your particular circumstances.

In a case where parties are not married and there has been no cohabitation agreement entered into or if such cohabitation agreement is in dispute it is possible upon a separation for either party to have a claim against the home that they have cohabited. We are able to offer advice and representation in such cases and each case will be assessed on it’s own individual merit.

As well as a claim against a property if a child is involved it is possible for a parent or a guardian who has a Residence Order to make an application to the Children Act 1989 for a lump sum for the benefit of a child or a lump sum to be paid to the child and/or a property transfer.

Should you require any further information or wish to make an appointment please contact:

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