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If you have a query about possible unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, discrimination, unpaid wages, bonus, holidays, or any other employment issue then we can discuss with you the merits of your claim and if warranted, look to help you pursue a claim in the employment tribunal.

We recognise that pursuance of a claim is something that many people wish to do without the full support of a solicitor due to the cost benefits, and understand that you may want to ‘dip in and out’ of advice. You may, for example, simply want us to check over a document before it is submitted. The team are always pleased to advise, even if on an ad hoc basis, and welcome any enquiries, however small.

Settlement Agreements (formerly Compromise Agreements)

We are regularly instructed in relation to Settlement Agreements and if you are an employee who has been offered a Settlement Agreement, we can provide the expert advice you need prior to signing. The normal practice is for employers to pay a contribution towards legal costs and in the majority of cases, there is absolutely no cost to the employee in using our services.

You can view our pricing structure for dealing with Employment Tribunals here.