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10 Reasons You Should Make a Will

“We’ve been meaning to do this for years…” is the most commonly used client phrase when coming to see us to make their Wills. We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the reasons you should make a Will for those who may be in the same position and just...

Inheritance tax – proposals for change

Inheritance tax – proposals for change Inheritance tax is an issue that needs to be considered in all estates regardless of their value. The current inheritance tax rules are long and complex and there have been ongoing...

Pricing Structure for Private Client Services

Wills Simple Wills Single Will £150 plus...

The importance of reviewing a Will

Your Will is a legal document that reflects your wishes and can protect your loved ones after your death by ensuring your wishes are carried out, however, your circumstances will change throughout your lifetime making your situation different now to...

What to do when someone dies

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By making a Will you can decide what happens to your property and possessions after your death. Although you do not have to make one by law, having a valid and up to date Will is the best way to ensure that your estate is dealt with exactly as you...

Wills, Probate, Tax and Trusts

Wills, Probate, Tax and Trusts

Planning for the future Whether you are thinking about your own future well-being or about protecting your family assets and loved ones after you’ve gone, it makes sense to plan ahead and leaves you safe in the knowledge that your family...