Written on Wednesday, 10 September 2014 - 1:50pm

Settlement Agreements are agreements reached between 2 or more parties in the case of potential Employment Tribunal claims or actual Employment Tribunal claims or other Court proceedings relating to an employment situation.

Written on Wednesday, 10 September 2014 - 1:45pm

A recent change in the law has meant that employees with a claim can no longer go direct to an Employment Tribunal but must now notify Acas first.  The change in the law has been brought about in the hope that more workplace disputes are settled at the earliest opportunity without the need for Employment Tribunal involvement.

Written on Thursday, 15 May 2014 - 5:11pm

On 25th November 2013 the methods used to calculate the level of child support a parent is obliged to pay were updated.

Legal language can be confusing so we have summarised the key points to help you understand the changes and how these may affect you.

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Written on Thursday, 7 November 2013 - 2:48pm

We are often asked by Clients whether they should put their home into the names of their children.  The reasoning behind this is usually the same – to avoid care home fees!

Our advice in these cases is always to be cautious.

Written on Tuesday, 8 October 2013 - 1:48pm

At one time or another it is common to find yourself in dispute with someone else, whether that is, for example, because of money owed to you, faulty workmanship by a tradesman or goods you have bought that do not work.

In our legal system the local County Court will deal with all these matters and more. If your claim has a value of less than £10,000 it will be dealt with in the Small Claims Track, commonly referred to as the Small Claims Court.

Written on Wednesday, 3 July 2013 - 12:40pm

This newsletter is aimed at homeowners facing difficulties in meeting their mortgage repayments.  In the present climate many people, through no fault of their own, are finding it difficult to keep up with their mortgage payments.  This is intended to offer advice as to what action you can take to avoid having your home repossessed. 

Written on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 - 2:16pm

Many properties are affected by restrictive covenants of one sort or another.  Generally these can be a promise to engage in or refrain from a specified action.

A covenant can simply restrict the use of the property and it is not unusual in older properties for a covenant to be imposed prohibiting the sale of intoxicating liquor or against keeping pigs!

Written on Wednesday, 24 April 2013 - 9:31pm

A Lasting Power of Attorney (or LPA) is a document which allows you to appoint a person (or people) who you trust to act as your attorney(s) to make decisions on your behalf, if necessary.

Written on Wednesday, 27 March 2013 - 12:07pm

£350 million savings are to be made by removing legal aid in a wide range of cases including those dealing with family problems. From 1st April 2013 legal aid will no longer be available for many needing to resolve problems following the break down of a relationship. This includes legal aid for cases dealing with financial matters and problems relating to the arrangements for children.

Written on Wednesday, 6 March 2013 - 2:32pm

With rising energy prices and disadvantages of fossil fuels, EU stipulations and not least a succession of long hard winters, it is not surprising that the use of alternative environmentally friendly sources of energy has been promoted and encouraged by government and providers alike for several years.