For a lot of people, buying & selling their home can be one of the most stressful times in their life.

This guide will help to provide you with explanations of the processes involved and will hopefully answer some frequently asked questions.

Your Sale

  • We obtain your title deeds
  • You complete a property information form and fittings and contents list
  • We prepare and send a contract to your buyer's solicitors
  • We answer (with your help) any additional questions your buyer’s solicitors ask
  • You sign the contract
  • We “exchange” contracts. This commits you to sell on a set date “the completion date”
  • You sign a transfer deed ready for completion
  • We obtain a redemption statement for your existing mortgage & account from your estate agent
  • On the day of completion we receive your buyer's money
  • We ask estate agents to release keys
  • Pay off any existing mortgage, pay estate agents and account to you with any balance remaining

Your Purchase

  • We contact the seller’s solicitor to ask for the contract package
  • Once received we check the contract and any other documentation supplied and write to you advising of the key features
  • We make the necessary searches, e.g with the Local Authority, the Coal Authority, the Water Board and an environmental search. Not all these searches will be required for every transaction
  • We ask the seller’s solicitors for any further information required
  • When we receive your mortgage offer we check to ensure that you and the property satisfy the mortgage conditions
  • We report to you in writing on all the documentation and legal issues regarding the report
  • You sign the contract. At this stage a deposit is payable- usually between 5% and 10% of the purchase price. If you have a sale, the deposit from the sale may be used towards the purchase
  • We exchange contracts. This commits you to buy on a set date “the completion date”
  • We prepare the Transfer Deed for sellers to sign to apply to your lender for the mortgage advance• We carry out final Land Registry searches against the property and usually a bankruptcy search against you
  • On the day of completion we pay the balance of the price to the seller's solicitors
  • You collect the keys from the Estate agents once the seller’s solicitors receive the purchase funds
  • We will attend to paying the Stamp Duty and registering your property at the Land Registry
  • We will write to advise you of the completion of the registration of your ownership and notify your lender if you have a mortgage

If you have any questions or would like any further advice please contact us. Our Property team will be happy to help.